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Your Small-Town Local Contractor

General Contractor in Port Ludlow, WA

When you visit us at Burwash and Sons, you will be working with a small town general contractor in Port Ludlow, WA that can help you with excavation, retaining walls, fences, logging services, and so much more. We are located in Port Ludlow but serve the surrounding areas as well.

Contracting Services You Need

The scale of the types of projects that we work on range from the small-scale addition of a residential fence all the way up to a major commercial landscaping project that may be of use to you. No matter what your specific needs are, Burwash and Sons has you covered. We promise to always get back to you in a timely manner and make sure you receive a fair and reasonable estimate for the services that we provide. In short, we want to be sure that you get the kind of services that you have come to expect from us.

Homesteading Solutions

Those who own some acreage on their property may decide that they would like to get a home constructed on that property. If that is the case, then it is likely that there are materials existing on your property that you can put to good use. Our team is seasoned and we are experts at finding the kind of materials that you may require to get your home built. We will work with you to ensure that the materials that are already available on your land are put to good use. You do NOT want to see any aspect of the natural resources that you have available go to waste.

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Areas We Serve:

Port Ludlow, WA | Dabob, WA | Leland, WA | Quilcene, WA | Discovery Bay, WA | Blyn, WA | Port Townsend, WA | Sequim, WA | Port Angeles, WA | Brinnon, WA | Port Hadlock, WA | Chimacum, WA

Increase Your Property Value

A major reason why we are contacted by many of our customers comes down to the fact that they would like to see an increase in their property value. This is to say that they really want to make sure that they are able to get the most value out of the land that they already own. Our team can help identify both the valuable materials that are already on your land, and also look for ways to set up your landscaping so that you are able to craft your land into the most beautiful thing that you can. It is a process that takes a significant period of time, but that is exactly what our team is here to help you out with. The time that we put into your property will pay off when you have the exact result that you expect and that you need out of it.

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